Doctall Foundation is leading the movement for quality healthcare to all communities.

We envision a healthier future where everyone, irrespective of status, has access to quality healthcare.

Why we exist

Quality healthcare is currently a privilege, and not a right


Nigeria’s healthcare system is ranked 187th out of 198 globally despite being the most populous black nation (WHO, 2018)


In Nigeria, there are 4 doctors to every 10,000 patients (WHO, 2015)


Malaria accounts for 60% of outpatient visits and 30% of admissions in hospitals. ( Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey of 2015)


Malaria causes up to 11% of maternal mortality, 25% of infant mortality, and 30% of under-five mortality. It also records an estimated 300,000 malaria-related childhood deaths yearly (Nigeria Malaria Indicator Survey of 2015)


Infant mortality rate is 74 per 1,000 live births


Nigeria’s Global ranking of Healthcare Access and Quality (HAQ) Index (41.9%) stands at 142 out of 195 nations

The Doctall Foundation is a non-profit organization driven by Doctall’s culture of inclusivity.

Everyone deserves to have a greater expectation for good health and this should not be aspirational.

The Doctall Foundation exists to bridge the gap between digitally excluded communities and the quality healthcare they need.

By leveraging the technologies of Doctall- a full circle digital healthcare provider, the foundation strives to travel the last mile to reach those most in need of medical attention and transform people’s ability to better manage their well-being and improve their health security. and transform people’s ability to better manage their well-being and improve their health security.

In addition to committing a percentage of its revenue to the Foundation, Doctall will provide several hundred English and local language medical consultations every week for free, bringing quality healthcare to everyone.

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